Tag(line), You’re It!

When I got the brilliant idea to start a blog I really had no idea what I was doing.  I knew there were a few sites where you could start your own blog for free, but that was about all I knew. To get more information, I went to Google Ask.com and searched for “free blog”. From that search I concluded there were two main places to start a blog – Blogger and WordPress.  So I started at Blogger. The first step was to come up with a title for my blog. I needed something catchy, something clever, something that people would remember.  Then it came to me – Loripalooza. Loripalooza would be the title of my blog. I eagerly typed in the title to register my blog…..

…..and someone had already registered that title on Blogger.  Dang it!  Since my Loripalooza blog wasn’t going to happen at Blogger, I went over to WordPress. Again, I tried to register what I thought was my unique Loripalooza name.  You can guess what happened next – someone had already registered Loripalooza at WordPress too.  Curses, foiled again! I guess slapping your name in front of “palooza” wasn’t that original…at least among girls named Lori. Great Loris must think alike and because I’m the greatest Lori of them all, I just had to have Loripalooza as my blog name.  After tinkering with the blog URL a little bit, I successfully registered my Loripalooza blog on WordPress.

Nine months later I still have pretty much no idea what I’m doing.  But I have been paying attention to other blogs and I’ve learned a few things. First, I’ve learned that widgets and plug-ins are parts of a blog but they still sound like funny words to me.  Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs have taglines. A tagline is a sentence or phrase that comes after the main title, kind of like a slogan. Taglines are often witty remarks that tell you more about the blog or blogger.  As an example, if Frosted Flakes cereal was a blog, Frosted Flakes would be the name of the blog and They’re great! would be the tagline.

Not all blogs have a tagline. My blog doesn’t have a tagline but that could change with your help.  I am asking you, the reader, to vote on the tagline you think I should use for Loripalooza. Check out the list of possible taglines, choose your favorite and leave me a comment telling me which one gets your vote. Or if you don’t like any of the choices below, leave me a comment with your original tagline suggestion.  Of course if you think the title Loripalooza should stand alone without a tagline, let me know in the comments section.

(Last week my Twitter friend Becky asked readers for suggestions for a new blog title, so I freely admit that I am stealing her idea)

My list of possible taglines:


1. Side effects may include intense euphoria, giddiness and hysterical laughter. Seek medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours.

2. My apologies to Strunk and White

3. Doctor, mommy, blogger. Put me on shuffle and see what you get.

4. Healing the sick one post at a time.

5. Kid tested, mother approved (on second thought, not such a good idea…General Mills will have their lawyers all over my ass)

6. Strunk and White are rolling in their graves right now.

7. Your prescription for laughs or Your prescription for fun.

Those are the taglines I’ve come up with so far. If you like them, let me know. If you hate them, let me know. If you have your own idea for the perfect Loripalooza tagline, let me know. So basically what I’m saying is, let me know – leave me a comment. Thanks for your help.