Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing Right Now Instead Of Blogging

10. Painting the bathroom (The bathroom is a project I started years ago. Many years ago. Back when George Bush was president…the first George Bush. OK, that’s a lie. It was the second George Bush.)

9. Installing the light fixture in the guest bedroom (I’m sure guests think the single light bulb that’s hanging from the large hole in the ceiling right now is real attractive.)

8. Filling out our passport applications (And trying to find our birth certificates. Fun!)

7. Reading medical journals that I saved to read later (Oh look, here’s one from 2007!)

6.  Working on self-evaluation modules for my Internal Medicine board re-certification (Boring! Zzzzzz!)

5.  Laundry

4.  Eating Halloween candy Buying Halloween candy

3.  Buying new pants for my 8-year-old (He keeps growing…the nerve of that kid!)

2.  Some sort of physical activity that does NOT involve sitting on my ass in front of a computer

1.  Paying attention to my kids (Where are those kids anyway? Oh yeah, they’re both at school. Phew!)


Wordless Wednesday

(This is my first Wordless Wednesday post so I don’t really know the rules.  Does this post have to be completely word free? If I use words will I get fired? Kicked off the island? Will the Wordless Wednesday police throw me in a silent dungeon? Must. stop. using. words.)

On Wednesdays I have 2 hours of “me” time. No work. No kids. Just me. All alone. Often I use these precious 2 hours to blog. But not today. Today I said, “Screw it, I’m not going to blog. I’m going to do this…” 


That rollerblader in the midriff top, giant pink earrings and pink rollerblades that shoot fire, (really they do…but that’s a story for another day)…oh, yeah, that’s me. 

No real blogging today. I’m going rollerblading.

BlogHer ’09

A lot can change in one year. For instance, if one year ago someone had mentioned BlogHer ’09 to me, I would have been totally clueless. My response would have been along the lines of, “BlogHer? What the hell is BlogHer? Leave me alone, I have to check my Facebook!”  Yes, it was approximately one year ago that I dipped my toe into the social media pond and joined Facebook. One year ago I was still in the honeymoon phase of Facebook, when Facebook was fun, not like Facebook now which is lame and aggravating. Somehow Facebook led to joining Twitter which in turn led to the creation of this very blog.

Twitter has introduced me to many friendly, funny and creative people so it’s no surprise that these people have funny, creative and moving blogs.  And it’s through Twitter that I learned that once a year these bloggers get together for a conference devoted to the blogosphere and everything blog-related –  BlogHer.  As the date of BlogHer ’09 got closer, more and more people were tweeting about it. All of this BlogHer talk peaked my curiosity. Maybe I could partake in some of the BlogHer fun, after all, BlogHer ’09 was going to be held in Chicago – Chicago is practically my backyard (that is, if your yard was 25 miles away from your house).   I really wanted to meet in real life the people I follow on Twitter as well as the authors of the blogs I read, but my attempts to procure any type of pass to BlogHer was an epic fail.  I contemplated driving down to Chicago without a BlogHer ticket to just hang out in the lobby of the Sheraton hoping that I’d meet people.  But I figured real BlogHers would be busy doing scheduled BlogHer activities and hanging out in the lobby without a BlogHer pass would be make me a creepy loser wanna-be BlogHer stalker and someone might call security on me.  So I stayed home and lived vicariously through the tweets of others.  I learned a lot about BlogHer including some of the BlogHer lingo: 

BlogHer ’09:  Attended by around 1400 bloggers, this 3 day blogging conference in Chicago at the Sheraton was complete with interesting speakers, discussion groups and opportunities meet with some of the brands that support bloggers.  Oh, and there are lots and lots of parties. 

Swag: free stuff

Bewbs: breasts

Parties: Did I mention there were a lot of parties?

Squee: I’m still not sure what it means to squee.

Reading the tweets from BlogHer I realized that I didn’t belong there. BlogHer is for the blogging community, a community that I’m not part of. Yes, I have a blog, but I have a hard time keeping up with it. I have more drafts than actual posts and I can’t seem to find the time to complete them. So many of the BlogHer attendees balance work and family while maintaining successful blogs that people want to read.  This balance has eluded me, resulting in a small and insignificant blog written by a  small and insignificant blogger. And I’m not sure if BlogHer is the place for a blogger like me. 

As I was reading BlogHer tweets thinking about how there’s no way I could possibly be a part of this blogging community, I received an unexpected tweet.  One of my “in real life” friends, a real social media goddess, had gone to BlogHer for the day and she tweeted:

Key learning (not kidding) is @drlori71 can legitimately call herself a humor blogger. Seriously, you should read her Loripalooza blog.

Me? A legitimate blogger? Well, I wasn’t sure if I agreed with that, but it sure was nice to hear. Plus, it’s not polite to reject unsolicited flattery and giant boosts to the ego, so I gladly accepted it.  Yet, I still found it odd that someone could consider me a legitimate blogger.  But maybe BlogHer ’09  could help me realize my blogging potential.  One thing I learned from BlogHer ’09 is inspiration; the BlogHer attendees have  inspired me to work harder on my blog and really make an effort to post more frequently.  So if one person thinks of me as a legitimate blogger, maybe others will too and I’ll be an accepted member of the blogging community. 

And maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll make it to BlogHer.

And maybe one day the Cubs will make it to the World Series.

Will either of these things actually happen? We’ll just wait and see.