Bed Head

The last time I checked, bed head (or bedhead) was not in the dictionary. It is, however, in Wikipedia. In the Wikipedia entry for bedhead, there’s a very good description of it.

But what about  those people who learn best by visual cues? Those people may read the Wikipedia definition and be confused. They may think, I’ve read this definition but I still don’t know what bed head is. Help!

I bet if this picture was part of the Wikipedia entry, those visual learners would no longer be confused and they’d know exactly what bed head is.

Oct. 2008 - J waking up from a nap


 Hmm…anyone know how to edit a Wikipedia entry?

(Thanks to Heather from The Spohrs Are Multiplying  for recently posting a picture of her daughter’s bed head which made me remember my own kid’s crazy bed head.)


2 Responses to “Bed Head”

  1. kathygee1 Says:

    Wow, some heavy duty sleeping was going on. lol

  2. Sherry Says:

    Whoa!!! That is some serious bed head! Stuck up straight with all that nighttime sweat, no doubt.

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