Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing Right Now Instead Of Blogging

10. Painting the bathroom (The bathroom is a project I started years ago. Many years ago. Back when George Bush was president…the first George Bush. OK, that’s a lie. It was the second George Bush.)

9. Installing the light fixture in the guest bedroom (I’m sure guests think the single light bulb that’s hanging from the large hole in the ceiling right now is real attractive.)

8. Filling out our passport applications (And trying to find our birth certificates. Fun!)

7. Reading medical journals that I saved to read later (Oh look, here’s one from 2007!)

6.  Working on self-evaluation modules for my Internal Medicine board re-certification (Boring! Zzzzzz!)

5.  Laundry

4.  Eating Halloween candy Buying Halloween candy

3.  Buying new pants for my 8-year-old (He keeps growing…the nerve of that kid!)

2.  Some sort of physical activity that does NOT involve sitting on my ass in front of a computer

1.  Paying attention to my kids (Where are those kids anyway? Oh yeah, they’re both at school. Phew!)


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