Hello 911? I’ve Got An Emergency…Again!

It must have been a slow news day. This was one of the top “news” stories reported by the local media today:

Boy calls 911 over dad’s poor dinner choice

The story behind this headline is that a 10-year-old boy from Buffalo Grove, Illinois was served noodle soup for dinner. Apparently, the boy thought noodle soup for dinner was unacceptable. It’s unclear why he felt this way. Maybe he had noodle soup for lunch and he was sick of noodle soup. Maybe he was concerned about the sodium content in the soup and what it might do to his blood pressure. OK, maybe not. But for some reason, this 10-year-old boy did not want noodle soup for dinner.  An argument broke out between the boy and his father. The father wanted the boy to eat his noodle soup for dinner. The boy did not want to eat noodle soup for dinner. Then the father basically dared the boy to call the police. So what did the boy do? Yes, he dialed 911.

Father suggesting son call 911…stupid

Son actually calling 911…really really stupid

The boy called 911, but hung up when the 911 operator answered. Perhaps he realized that serving noodle soup is not a crime in the state of Illinois. Or perhaps he realized that 911 is for EMERGENCIES! But alas, these realizations came too late – he had already called 911 so the police showed up at his front door. And when the police entered the house, they found a very embarrassed 10-year-old boy eating his noodle soup.

When I heard this story today, it seems rather familiar, rather deja vu. Then I remembered why. Last year I blogged about another stupid 911 call.  That post was about a 15-year-old boy from Buffalo Grove who called 911 when his parents took away his Xbox.

2 boys from Buffalo Grove. 

2 stupid 911 calls.

I can’t help but wonder, what exactly are they teaching kids about 911 in Buffalo Grove?


One Response to “Hello 911? I’ve Got An Emergency…Again!”

  1. Ann's Rants Says:

    The Dad’s stupidity definitely takes precedence.


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