Half Full

This glass of water is half full. Or is it half empty? Your answer tells a lot about your personality. If you see the glass as half full, you’re an optimist. If you see the glass as half empty, you’re more of a pessimist.

Do you know what I see? I see an ice-cold glass of water. What does that tell you about me? It tells you I’m thirsty, so quit playing amateur psychologist and let me drink my damn glass of water already! Sheesh!

Today is July 20 and we’re in the middle of summer. Summer is kind of like that glass of water…half of summer still remains or summer is half over, it just depends on how you look at it.  I like to think we still have half of summer left. Apparently, not everyone sees it my way.

Over the weekend, we had a family excursion to our friendly neighborhood Target. As we walk into the store, my 7-year-old son turns to me and says,

“Can we buy school supplies?”

WHAT?!?? School supplies? But it’s only July. School doesn’t start for another 6 weeks. Summer isn’t over yet!

My son wanted me to buy school supplies. So I did what I had to do.

I called him Nerd Boy and gave him a wedgie.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


5 Responses to “Half Full”

  1. MamaBennie Says:

    HAHAHAHA LOVE IT! I almost spit orange juice on one of my kids when I read that last little bit.

  2. ironicmom Says:

    My husband’s jokey answer to the glass-half-full question is that the grass is cracked and leaking…

  3. miraclemama Says:

    I’ve got to try that nerd boy/wedgie combo on my son!

  4. Ramzu Says:

    As for me; my answer is akin to yours, but I’d like my half-glass of iced water WITH flavor s’il vous plait 🙂
    But I do not believe about this half-full-empty glass question. Once I asked the entire class the same thing (by using a half full beaker of water) and all answered “Half full”.
    And that was the last class (with not so bright students).

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