Things That Make You Say WTF!

Remember when Arsenio Hall had a talk show? I do. Back in the early 90’s, The Arsenio Hall Show was a popular late night show. Arsenio had a segment called “things that make you go hmmm….”  In the grand old tradition of stealing other people’s ideas and calling them your own,  today I am launching my very own segment called  “things that make you go WTF!”

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you Loripalooza‘s first thing that makes you say WTF!

Some random thoughts about this story:

  • This story was featured on the local and national news. Come on, wearing 215 pairs of underwear isn’t news…it’s an activity that drunken frat boys might partake in.
  • Seriously, there’s a world record for most pairs of underwear worn?
  • I understand that Jack’s mother was proud of her son, but she made it sound like he accomplished a major feat. Lady, your son didn’t run a marathon, he put on 215 pairs of underwear!
  • It’s great that this kid raised money for a wounded marine, but couldn’t he have raised the money fully clothed and not wearing 215 pairs of underwear?
  • What kind of kid puts on 215 pairs of tighty whities in front of his friends at his birthday party? I’m guessing a few moms received this phone call, “Mom, Jack’s in his underwear. Please come pick me up…NOW!”
  • If you were a parent, would you want your kid forever known as “the boy who wore 215 pairs of underwear”?



3 Responses to “Things That Make You Say WTF!”

  1. mama2point0 Says:

    Ok, that’s just all kinds of effed up. Man, people do stupid shit. How did they even come up with the idea to do this? He’s totally gonna be hazed for this some day.

  2. kimmoldofsky Says:

    OMG, my kids are totally going to want to do this!

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