Give Me A Brake

Just when things can’t get any worse for Toyota, they do. Sticky gas pedals, runaway Priuses…yep, Toyota is totally screwed.  

My husband drives a deathmobile Toyota. His car is one of the models affected by the recall. (Are there any Toyota models that haven’t been recalled?) Fortunately his car has not experienced any episodes of sudden acceleration due to the floor mat, gas pedal, an electrical problem, a poltergeist or whatever is causing the problem. But since we didn’t want to die a horrible death while riding in our Toyota, he brought his car to the dealer for the recall repair.

Obviously many Toyota owners were at the dealership that day for the recall repair. While waiting for his car, my husband overheard a gentleman talking about his deathtrap Toyota. According to the gentleman, his Toyota spontaneously accelerated and he crashed into his garage.  This Toyota owner was an older gentleman. Definitely a senior citizen. Probably in his 80’s.  His continued telling his Toyota tale:

Yeah, the car suddenly sped up and I hit my garage.

It was the car that accelerated.

I’m pretty sure it was the car.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.

I don’t think it was me. 

Maybe it was me.

So the next time you see an elderly driver in a Toyota, watch out!  They might have a sticky gas pedal. Or perhaps just a sticky foot.


2 Responses to “Give Me A Brake”

  1. Issa Says:

    That time I hit the mailbox when I was 16? I swear that was a sticky pedal. yeps. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. Snort.

    There was a woman here whose brakes gave out on the highway. The car had accelerated to 90 MPH. The cops had to help her stop safely. Now that one, is scary.

  2. froggyprager Says:

    I know this is a funny blog and I like this story, there was a serious good NY Times editorial that said the same thing, there are many cases where drivers are sure they are stepping on the break and actually stepped on the gas. Of course the problems are in some cases very real but don’t think we know how widespread this problem really is or is not. Maybe I should write about the time that my grandmother (who is not 89 and no longer behind the wheel) was hit by a train and she told us that the train was in the wrong place.

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