Hello 911? I’ve Got An Emergency!

Last week there was a headline in the local section of the Chicago Tribune that caught my eye. The headline was “Buffalo Grove boy dials 911 after parents take away his Xbox video game.”  The story behind the headline was the parents of a 15-year-old boy took away his Xbox as punishment for some unknown misbehavior. The boy was none too pleased so he dialed 911…and hung up.  Hang ups to 911 are taken very seriously by police, so the police went to the boy’s home to investigate. When they showed up on his doorstep, the 15-year-old crapped in his pants told the police about his punishment and asked if his parents had the right to take away his Xbox. The police tazed the little shit told the boy that yes, his parents had the authority to take away his Xbox. The police also told the boy that if he felt like his rights were being violated he should have called the ACLU, not 911  he should always listen to his parents.

This story makes me…..

  • ….not want to get my kids a video game system
  • ….not want to teach my mischievous 3-year-old how to dial 911
  • ….hope that this kid’s parents took away his Xbox for a very, very long time 

5 Responses to “Hello 911? I’ve Got An Emergency!”

  1. Jim Brochowski Says:

    I hope they sell the Xbox on ebay and tell him he can buy his own when he moves out.

    That is just ridiculous!

    A great share. Thanks!

  2. Al_Pal Says:

    Heh. I’d heard about that. Great post.

  3. EmmieJ Says:

    If I were in his parents’ shoes, I’d make him give his XBox to a child in a domestic abuse shelter…you know, someone who is probably well aware of the power of 911.

  4. Aunt Becky Says:

    Holy crap. How did I miss this story? I am totally calling 911 the next time one of my kids pulls my hair or something or if McDonald’s forgets my BBQ sauce for my nuggets.

  5. Hello 911? I’ve Got An Emergency…Again! « Loripalooza Says:

    […] rather deja vu. Then I remembered why. Last year I blogged about another stupid 911 call.  That post was about a 15-year-old boy from Buffalo Grove who called 911 when his parents took away his […]

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