24 Hours of Luxury

I had never associated Donald Trump with “family friendly,” but a recent stay in Chicago’s new Trump Hotel changed my mind. For 24 hours, every member of my family lived the life of luxury, especially the kids.

From the moment the doorman whisked away our luggage, we knew we were in for something special. At check-in we received a Trump Kids folder with personalized business cards for each child and a list of all the family friendly attractions and events downtown. Plus, the concierge had a stash of movies, from which we chose a few for our stay.

Up 19 floors things only got better. As we entered the luxurious one-bedroom suite, my 7-year-old immediately discovered two plates of cookies. Each plate had one of their names written in chocolate. Glasses of milk were waiting in the fridge. The only question was whether to start with the snack or dive into the complimentary PlayStation games chosen perfectly for their ages.

A bellman arrived with our luggage. In addition to what we brought, he carried a backpack for each child. In each was a stuffed cow, a Trump coloring book and crayons, plus some cotton candy. Bright yellow and emblazoned with Trump Kids logo, they’re not only a great keepsake, but made keeping track of the boys easy as we explored Michigan Avenue.

The bellman showed us how to operate all of the suite’s televisions, and took our request for “turn-down” service. Most importantly, he showed us our robes and slippers, sized for every member of the family. We wore them to visit the pool and Spa, which offers special services geared specifically for youngsters.

Relaxed and comfy in our robes, we ordered dinner from the extensive and kid-friendly Room Service menu. We took in the gorgeous views of the city while our beds were “turned-down” with plenty of pillows and blankets, bottles of water and even thank-you notes.

Trump Hotel is a true case of “You get what you pay for.” It was a night none of us will forget.

Jealous? Yeah, me too. You see, my family didn’t experience 24 hours of luxury, Alena Murguia’s family did.  This was an article she wrote for Chicago Parent Going Places. Alena’s staycation sounded so nice that I imagined it was my family. I pictured my family living the good life at the Trump pool and Spa. I envisioned us sitting in our robes and slippers watching a movie, enjoying our cookies and milk.  I pictured us getting the hotel bill at the end of our stay….yikes! Trump Hotel may be family friendly but it ain’t cheap. I guess there are only 2 ways this fantasy will become a reality: (1) if a large sum of money suddenly falls out of the sky and lands in my lap or (2) the fine people at Trump Hotel read this post, graciously sponsor my family’s 24 hours of luxury and in return I will blog about the experience (with full disclosure to the FTC of course).  So until one of those events occur, I guess I’ll just read Alena Murguia’s article and imagine what luxury feels like.


One Response to “24 Hours of Luxury”

  1. Christine Says:

    OK… why would this person go to ANY hotel just to stay in the room, order room service and have the kids play video games? At Trump prices no less… If I were going anywhere, I’d leave the kiddies home with Grammy for sure 🙂 Then dinner in and room service take on a whole new appeal!

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