Halloween Fun

As Halloween approached this year, we had the annual “what do you want to be for Halloween” discussion.  J, my 3-year-old, made his choice and it wasn’t much of a surprise. Right now he is the middle of a train phase. I wouldn’t say he’s obsessed with trains, but I would say he loves trains. He’s got plenty of train toys and train books. Everytime we cross train tracks he looks around and has to let me know that there’s no train coming.  If there is a train, he will yell at the top of his lungs, “TRAIN”. And he doesn’t stop there – he has to announce what kind of train it is, Amtrak, Metra or freight train.  He started choosing  the park he wanted to play at based on whether or not you can see a train from the playground.  We no longer go to the park closest to our house because it is not located next to train tracks.  We are forced to go to parks with train tracks nearby and every time a train passes, J stops everything and yells at the top of his lungs, “TRAIN”.  So given his love of trains the logical choice for his Halloween costume was Thomas the Tank Engine.  However when R, my 7-year-old, came home after buying his Halloween costume. J took one look at R’s costume and announced that he wanted that costume too. He didn’t want to be Thomas anymore. But after I told J that R’s costume didn’t come in his size (which was true, not one of the little lies I sometimes tell my kids) he decided that he did want to be Thomas after all.

R, my 7-year-old, wasn’t sure what he wanted to be for Halloween. I asked him several times what he wanted to be and I received several, “I don’t know” responses from him. Then one day he decided that he could be Spongebob Squarepants….again. R was Spongebob 2 years ago. The costume was big the first time he wore it so more than likely it would have still fit him. If he was Spongebob again that would mean one less costume for me to buy. Yay for me! But I wanted him to be absolutely certain that he didn’t want to go as something new this year, so we sat down and looked at the costumes on the partycity.com web site.  As I was scrolling through the costumes he stopped me and said, “I want to be that!”

Introducing my son….the wiener.

The designated hours for trick or treating in our community were 3-7 PM so we started ringing doorbells around 3:15.  Unfortunately the weather was less than ideal. Last Halloween we had the perfect weather – 70 degrees. This year was only 44 degrees.  R didn’t seem to mind the cold. We ran into some neighbors, so R joined up with their kids and they all ran from house to house together. J, on the other hand, is smaller and slower and he had a tough time keeping  up with the big kids. Plus he refused to ring anyone’s doorbell unless a parent stood right beside him. After about 40 minutes of trick or treating, J wanted to go home, so I took J home while R and my husband continued on.  Truthfully I was glad J wanted to go home because I was cold.  My husband and R returned home about an hour later and we all started sorting through the candy. The kids didn’t collect as much candy this year compared to last year largely due to the difference in weather. More time outside trick or treating results in more candy. Trick or treating for hours is fun in 70 degree weather, not so much fun in 44 degree weather, so this year we spent less time trick or treating and pulled in less candy. But Halloween isn’t about the amount of candy you receive (really it’s not), it’s about fun. My kids had fun dressing up in their costumes and trick or treating.  And if we really need more candy (which we don’t), I can always get in my car and drive to Target, Walmart or any other store and buy some candy…..because now Halloween candy is marked down 50%!


2 Responses to “Halloween Fun”

  1. Jaded Perspective Says:

    They both look super cute! We had the opposite weather here. (Naples, FL) We lasted less than an hour because it was SO hot. All I was doing was sittingoutside handing it out. My poor husband got so hot just doing a few houses with Mason!

  2. froggyprager Says:

    very cute costumes. Hope they had a good holiday.

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