Welcome to Loripalooza!

My sincerest apologies to Paul Boutin, but I’ve started a blog.  Who, you may ask, is Paul Boutin and why have I decided to devote the very first sentence of my very first blog entry to him?  Well, Paul Boutin is a correspondent for the Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag.    One of his columns was recently published in Wired magazine and in his article Mr. Boutin graciously passed along some friendly advice.  To quote Mr. Boutin, “Thinking about launching your own blog?  Don’t”.   In his opinion, social multimedia sites like Facebook and Twitter make blogs (again I quote Mr. Boutin) “look so 2004”.

Ouch, that’s a little harsh.  

Mr. Boutin is a fan of brevity and his argument is that the time it takes to craft sharp, witty blog prose is better spent expressing yourself on Facebook or Twitter (OK, that time I didn’t quote him, I just plagiarized him).  There’s more to the article, but I won’t bore you with his thoughts…I’d prefer to bore you with my own thoughts.  

Since blogs are “so 2004” maybe I should jump in my DeLorean time machine and travel back to 2004 to start my blog.  Unfortunately, the flux capacitor is on the fritz, so no time travel for me.  I’m just going to ignore Mr. Boutin’s advice, and start a blog right now in 2008.  Hey, I’m a fan of Facebook and Twitter, but I highly doubt they are going to completely replace blogs.  Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself in a brief Facebook or Twitter update.  For example, how can I possibly convey my love of Entenmann’s Devils Food Crumb doughnuts in a mere 140 characters?  It’s impossible! 

So, yes, I’ve started a blog.  Paul Boutin may not be happy about it, but I am.


7 Responses to “Welcome to Loripalooza!”

  1. froggyprager Says:

    I think you should write a book on the Devils Food Crumb doughnuts, yummmmm……

    Happy blogging.
    good for you, I look forward to reading it. I have a blog that no one reads except for some 9-11 conspiricy theory freaks but I find it fun and somewhat theraputic(spelling?). my blog is not as funny and creative as I bet yours will be. I read a couple of blogs and some seem to get lots of readers and get a lot of random comments, it is a weird world. good luck. I have not really connected the blog to my facebook friends other than posting a link on there but have thought about it. have fun.

  2. Beth Says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. 🙂

  3. Beth Says:

    Ok..seriously…you are too funny!

  4. michelle Says:

    I love the those doughnuts!! Have you tried the white ones? They are not exactly white–but more gray.

    i can t wait to read more!!

  5. bklein34 Says:

    Yay! One of the funniest people I know is blogging! Things are looking up!

  6. 5mamacita5 Says:

    Mom, doc, wife…you’ve got the basic ingredients for a very fun blog! Can’t wait to follow along.

  7. Happy 1st Blogoversary to Me « Loripalooza Says:

    […] they celebrate blogoversaries. Today is my blogoversary. One year ago I published my first post and my blog Loripalooza was born. Over the past 12 months I’ve published a total of 24 […]

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